• Musa Sesoy

    NAME ::: Musa Sesoy        COUNTRY ::: Sierra Leone


    My name is Musa. I live at Spur Road in Freetown. I’m twelve years old. I was living in a village with my parents and my step-mum. I was going to school there. Then my mother died. After that I stayed with my father. I remember the day, when mummy did not come to collect me at school. After my mum had died I was taken to Freetown and I go to school here now. I go to class five now. I have passed my exams now.

    I live now a happy life, that is what I can say. When I was in my village, it was very different. I did not have the cloth that I have right now. So I’m happy for things like that. I live with Mother Samoura. She is my grandfathers little brothers wife.


    What is most important to you?

    The most important thing is my life is to learn my books and go to school. I think that is most important to me.


    What has influenced you the most in your life?

    When I go to school, my friends and I we study together. Me and my best friend, we sit together and we help each other with answers. That is great, that we can go to school together and we can practice together.


    What has been an important turning point in your life?

    The thing that changed my life the most, was my mum. She was taking care of me when I was small. I remember when I was sick and she took me to the hospital. I only have one real memory of her when she was alive. That day the president came to our village, so everyone came out and I went with my mum. My little brother wanted to follow us, but I told him, no, you are to small. And I went there alone with her.

    I also remember when she died. I was washing dishes at my dads house, when one day my grandfather came to me and said: My daughter is dead. I went with him to the car and we drove to my mums house. When we came into the house a lot of people were already there and I could see my mum lying in the bed dead. When I realized what had happened I started crying. The took her body and washed it. My whole family was there. Now, when I don’t see my mum anymore and think of the love she had for me and how she took care of me, I feel really sad.


    What makes you happy?

    What makes me feel happy is when my Dad visits me. My dad had two wives, my mum and my step-mum, and I know I’m the only one he really love. When I would go and ask him for something I know he will do it for me. He can’t do it in front of my step-mum, because she does not like me. But he would do it anyway. Now I’m far away from my dad and he only comes here once a months for some days. When he comes to visit now, every time, that makes me happy.


    What are you personally proud of?

    I’m proud, that I can go to school. I know that when I grow up I’ll have an education and I will be able to earn money. That makes me proud.


    What have been the biggest struggles in your life?

    The biggest struggle was when I was in my village and we were very poor. My dad did small business, growing crops. But it was very hard for my family.


    What would you change in your life, if you could change something?

    I would change that I did not get a good education when I was in the village, when I was small. It was not before I came here, that I could get a good education. I would love to have started earlier with education.


    What do you wish for your own future?

    I wish that I can earn enough money for myself and my family. But more important I hope to bring my family together again. They are in the village, my big brother is also in Freetown. So when I grow up I would love to bring us all together again at one place.