• Moanke

    NAME ::: Moanke          COUNTRY ::: Kenya

    Moanke is sitting behind the house – every single day, since nine years now. He got cerebral Malaria and his nervsystem was badly infected. So he can’t stand or walk anymore, his shoulders are not supporting his arms anymore. He has to fight hard to even lift his arms. Moanke got a wheelchair, but because he could not use it on his own, his parents gave it away. Since then he is lifted every day behind the house for the day, watching the view, but he has no other stimulation than that. Moanke’s situation is especially hard as he is fully aware of all that. He is not mentally retarted as many of the other disabled children we met and he knows how life was before he got the Malaria – for 15 years his life was as normal as the life of every other kid here.