• Fusi Ramokeppa

    NAME ::: Fusi Ramokeppa       COUNTRY ::: South Africa


    What is most important to you?

    The most important in my life is to get a perfect job for me and to not disappoint my family also.

    A perfect job for me is to work for students. But I like my job here as well.


    What has influenced you the most in your life?

    What has influenced me the most are my friends. When we sit together, you see. The way they are not nice to me. Most of the time we sit together and talk.


    What has been an important turning point in your life?

    Yeah, when I got this job, it was like everything changed. Even me also, because, the things that I have now I didn’t have before. Like to buy something like TV at home, a fridge, all my shirts. And for my father everything is okay because when I get money I buy food for him and I give him some money, because my father is not working. So he is proud of me for what I am doing now. When I lost my job I was just sitting in a corner smoking with the guys and doing bad things like breaking into the houses. And drinking also. But now I’ve changed. I still drink, but not always. End of the month when I have money.


    What makes you happy?

    What makes me feel happy is when I have money and can do what I want and be with friends. That’s nice.


    What are you personally proud of?

    I’m proud of my father. I am proud when I have money to buy food for the family. I like to bring back money to help.


    What have been the biggest struggles in your life?

    When I for two years did not have any job. Sitting with friends mostly and drinking and smoking. That was a hard time.


    What would you change in your life, if you could change something?

    If I could change anything I would like to get another job. A job in Cape Town.


    What do you wish for your own future?

    I would like to own my own business. And have my family in my house also.  That’s my dream.