• Elisabeth Wambui Munene

    NAME ::: Elisabeth Wambui Munene         COUNTRY ::: Kenya


    My name is Elisabeth Wambui Munene. I’m living here in Embu, Kenya and I am married with three children.

    Denis is the first born, he is fifteen years old. The other one is seven. This is their actual father.

    I work in other peoples places all around and have a small field where I can plant crops next to my hut.

    I’m 38 years old now. I have been growing up in a family of seven children. I was the first born and there were no problems when I grew up.

    I went to school up to standard eight. I love to work and also to take care for the young one. I have tried different businesses, but I used to go around, but with Denis it is very difficult. I sold porrage to people around, even in town.


    Why is that important to you?

    I would like to do business and earn money. Because even to look for somewhere to work is very difficult. I have to go to different places and ask for work, but often there is no work. When I do business myself, I can do it. So I can generate money.

    Looking for finances is crucial. When I have a business, I can treat the boy well.


    What has influenced you the most in your life?

    The biggest impact in my life has been Denis. When I gave birth to Denis, I was very happy and I thought the boy is ok and there are no problems. But after six months, I started noticing that something was wrong.

    I got told by the doctors at Kinjabe hospital that the boy has got a problem. That the boy will grow slowly. Where we were staying, we got a lot of problems, because we did not have the money anymore. I was send to Kenyatta hospital and from there to Kikuyu for an operation. Denis got operated. Because we did not have the money, we got the operation, but could not afford the clinics afterwards, so we came back here. We came back here. They offered us another clinic, but we could not afford it. They were operating on his leg. Straightening it.

    I love the boy, but the biggest problem is when the boy does not have food. He cries when he is hungry and sometimes there is nothing to give him.


    What has been an important turning point in your life?

    The only turning point in my life was when Denis was born. I thought I would have a normal child, but now I found out that the boy is disabled.

    When the boy was born, before I had no problem, but after the boy was born, I had to take money to for his treatments, so it changed a lot. Before it was very good, but now, there is no money whatsoever.


    What makes you happy?

    When the boy is happy, I feel happy too. If the boy is not happy, I feel very depressed.


    What are you personally proud of?

    I feel proud, when I feel ok. I feel proud, when I’m healthy and I can work for the family.


    What have been the biggest struggles in your life?

    The biggest difficulties have only been Denis.


    What would you change in your life, if you could change something?

    I have no opportunity to change something, so how can I change. If I could get an opportunity, I would like to be able to take care of Denis and work here back home. If someone would give me some work that I could do here. I would like to take care of Denis, to wash him, feed him. I would like to have a business, that I could do from back home.


    What do you wish for your own future?

    I wish my future to be good, without the struggles and also get the finaces again that allow to take care of the family.