• Ahmed Abas

    NAME ::: Ahmed Abas        COUNTRY ::: Egypt


    I’m Ahmed Abas. I’m living in Cairo, Egypt. And I’m 24 years old. What I do for a living is working with a business without a real company. I work with product networking and marketing. We make marketing for different products and I gain money from this only. I’m studying engineering at university and I’m now in the fourth year. I’m trying to finish to fast as possible as I want to work with my original career as a civil engineer beside my own work in marketing.

    I live with my family until now. I’m not married yet, but I have a girlfriend and we love each other. You know, in Egypt it is a bit different to get married. You have to work, to gain money and have a place and get it ready, what is very expensive. So I think you’ll find a lot of people that reach 25 years old without having a family. But actually I love to live with my family. I don’t need them anymore, but I feel happy when I’m with them. I love that I can see my family everyday and I’m sleeping in my own bed. When I look to my wall, I see my history. And this makes me happy. But now I feel ready soon for the next chapter in my life. Getting married, having my own place, having children. So far I did not reach that yet, but it will come. I live with my dad and my mother and I have only one sister and she is older than me.

    I grew up in the city. We didn’t have countryside around or lived outside. My grandfather and grandmother also grew up in the city. So I see all the time buildings.


    What is most important to you?

    The most important thing in my life right now? I think starting with being something. Right now and the next three years is a critical time in my life. I start working and being successful. I spend all my life so far with studying and now I’m starting to finish my courses and start a business and work. I have a limited time to be something. I want to be something in three years, not more. I have this goal. In my college they all tell me that you can’t solve any problems, but the good engineers makes it fast and in good time I think. I want to be someone unique. And I’m trying hard. After three years my plan is to get in a relationship and get married. And I know that when I do that, I’ll have to have a flat, work, success. This is how it is here in Egypt. Otherwise I think I will stay all my live in a job, make money, but not reach what I want to reach.

    Right now i’m free in this three years, so I gave myself a limited time to make progress and put energy in that, before I get family and children and all that. So after that I hope that the work comes to me and it’s not me coming to the work anymore.


    What has influenced you the most in your life?

    I think the biggest influence in my life has been the work, specially volunteering work. Six years ago I started to work as a volunteer and started to give courses and do capacity building. It is like making new projects and a lot of courses that help you to arrange you and yourself. So you feel different and I felt that this work without any money, the goal is to improve yourself. I’m really proud on that, because I did that so long from when I was eighteen years old. At that time I started to make projects. This makes me feel unique. When I work in marketing everyone thinks in a way, but when you then think in a different way that will lead to success. So in the volunteer work I feel a bit the same with what I did there. That gained me more mind control, a bigger perspective as well.

    I was working for an association here who helps in Human Rights and Childrens Rights. I mainly worked with children there and their rights. We were making summer camps for instance and I worked as a translator sometimes. We also did workshops fro theatre and art. Actually we repeated the summer camp over three or four years because it was such a success. In the last project I worked with Save the children as well. We made it all by ourselves what really gave me a big idea of what we can do in projects with getting full insight into what it takes. I learned how to make a proper plan and achieve it, because we learned a lot on how to do that, what is great.


    What has been an important turning point in your life?

    My most important turning point for me was in college. I failed two years on an exam, what really put me down to the bottom. I now have to decide what I’m gonna do. For two years I repeated a class. Right now I’m still trying to finish that course from two years ago. All my friends are now about to finish or even started working now. So they have a stable live and are not studying anymore. When I failed the first time I felt it was ok, it could happen. But when I repeated it the next year, I realized that I have to change something as this is not how it can go on. This was I think the biggest turning point in my life so far. So now I feel I have to be better in working, managing my time, what also gives me more motivation for it and to build my character. The last two years I spend on slowly sinking. If I would have finished my life, maybe I would not have a clear idea with work and what I want to do. Maybe that gave me more results and progress, than if I would have just went through it. I also started my own project with the marketing, what makes me really happy. I did not see anyone doing this work in my college, so I recognized that I have a talent there and I should develop it. Now I hope I’ll be successful with it and get on.


    What makes you happy?

    What makes me feel happy? Actually when I see my girlfriend and do things with her and we have a good time. This makes me really happy. And also of course when I have success. When I recruiting new people at work, that makes me happy as well as things are growing. I think when I know what I need to do that also gives me happiness.


    What are you personally proud of?

    What I’m most proud of is my father. Personally I’m proud of going to university, that I achieved that. You had to reach more than 95% in your exams to reach the the engineering faculty. So I had to work really hard for that and I reached 96,7%. So I was really proud that I made that and could study engineering. There were seven hundred students, but only 50 were allowed to get to engineering. Even when everything changed later with me failing in the exams, still this is something I’m very proud of.


    What have been the biggest struggles in your life?

    For me in this moment? I had a subject that I failed multiple times now. This is really a big struggle and your success does not depend on what you do, but there is one thing that holds you back from moving on. This is a huge difficulty for me as I have no clue what I have to do to get over it. There are ten people that had this problem with the same professor for the last years. We actually hope he retires or something that we can get over that.


    What would you change in your life, if you could change something?

    Everyone has to change something in his life. Actually I won’t change when I was failing in my exams and getting low low low until I reached the bottom. I feel like that if I overcome this, some things would be different now. I would like to change that for sure.


    What do you wish for your own future?

    I don’t imagine my future without being successful with something. I feel like everyone is created to achieve his goals and I think I will not be happy if I don’t do anything to achieve my goals and be successful. So I see my future to be successful with what I do. I do marketing and I see it becoming successful. It’s a new generation of marketing. It is not getting you through advertising. It is about making new concepts, involving people more. So one day I think I will be successful in this career.