• Agape Namatumba

     NAME ::: Agape Namatumba         COUNTRY ::: Uganda

    When I met Agape she was a student in Kampala, Uganda, working two jobs while studying to support herself and her family. Not unusual for Uganda, a country where family bonds are important, Agape comes from a big family that faces huge financial difficulties. Her father works as a shoe-shinner in central Kampala and her mom sells the milk they get from the family cow Regina in a local farmer’s market. In order to afford an education in a country where public schools have an annual tuition, Agape had to overcome some great difficulties. With help from family and her community, as well as tremendous personal effort and perseverance, Agape graduated from college in 2012, becoming the first person in her family to do so.

    Text & Video by Stavros Makris