HUMANS - the book

With ten questions and two cameras in our bags we headed out to South Africa in June 2011. In the following six months we traveled all the way to Cairo, using public transport and interviewing a lot of people we met along the way with those ten questions about life, love and dreams while also documenting their lives.

In this book we share for the first time twelve stories of people we met all over the continent, together with powerful pictures of them and their lives. But the book doesn't stop here. It also opens the questions to you, leaving space for yourself to answer the questions. This book not only gives an insight into the different lives of people in Africa, but also and most important into what is important to them and shape the person that they are.

All benefits from the book will help to continue the project and share more stories from people around the world with you.


In times where most of our consuming of stories is through digital media, this is a real gift. In a pocket size format it will fit into every bag, but still gives you the experience no digital media can reproduce.

Along with the book you'll find additional access to exclusive videos and behind the scenes content to enrich your experience.

9,99 Euro (excl. tax & shipping)


The ebook version of the book is more than just a reproduction of the book. Along with the stories you will find exclusive video content directly included. With almost 20 minutes of video in the ebook and another 30 minutes available through direct links, this will be a great way to read about the people and experience their stories.

The ebook comes in an epub format.

2,99 Euro (excl. tax)

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