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  • Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda


    You can call it paradise, at least when it comes to the beautiful landscape that is surrounding you. The lake, clustered with little islands and the dark waters that look like surrealistic oil, supported by dark, dramatic clouds – this place is not for no reason called the most beautiful lake in Southern Uganda. We came here the other day on a brief stopover before heading on to Kampala to pick up Maja’s mum, who is joining us on the journey for two weeks. It is supposed to be one of the deepest lakes in Africa (900m is estimated) and while most people here can’t swim, the water is an integral part of everyday life, with for instance the children going to school in dugout canoes. So having swimming lessons became a part of teaching in primary schools, even when it is not handled as strict as it should, some people tell us.

    After some days with friends in Ruhengeri that left me spending quite some time in bed, we are back on track now and I’m on anti-biotics to get over my strange flue/ cold that is following me for some weeks now. While the border crossing was pretty chilled and the Rwandan roads left us with good conditions as a goodbye, Uganda, ya, well, is a bit different. We speeded over the mountains (beautiful, if we just could have concentrated on it…) on the soso road in a shared taxi that is packed with eight people. That means four in the back, the two of us in the co-drivers seat and another passenger with the driver on the drivers seat. And talking security, it seemed that the driver was not really understanding the basic physics of driving a car and that running children, cows or bicycles could be another potential danger. After being on a minibus with 27 other people in Mozambique, I thought I’m somehow used to sketchy driving, but that one topped it all. Anyway, we survived and the next day took of to Lake Bunyonyi.

    Now we are in Entebbe, close to the international airport before heading to Kenya on Monday for some very interesting stories in the Transmara district, close to the famous Massai Mara.