HUMANS – a project about the human condition

It all started with thoughts about Africa. The picture of Africa is in the perception of most moving between the two extremes of Safaris, white beaches and colorful dancers and the pictures of war, poverty and misery. During the last years of working in different countries in Africa another picture took over and shaped a life between those extremes, a life that can be considered as “normal”.

In 2009 we started a little experiment in Rwanda. We asked different people the same three questions. “What makes you happy?”, “Where would you like to wake up tomorrow morning?” and “What would you like to happen at the end of the day?”, and we edited three short films out of this. We hoped that asking these general questions – which you could ask people all over the world – would help to bring attention to the similarities in our wishes, hopes and dreams rather than focusing on the exotic or miserable conditions which normally so fast leaves us behind with the impression of a lost continent. So in short, with this project we wanted to show more of the universal side of human life.

In 2011, we took it a huge step further with this project called “Humans”. Behind the simple title you will find the concept of ‘One Question’ developed into a new direction. From June to December 2011 we traveled from Capetown to Cairo, with local transport and while on this journey we  interviewed and talked to a lot of different people. This time we did longer interviews with people, and with this we hope to be able to give a deeper understanding or impression of the lifes people live: their dreams, their personal goals, what influences them and what makes them proud – and present it all with pictures and videos of their lives to dive deep into their stories.

But the project didn’t stop after this journey. Through the universal concept which the project HUMANS is build upon, we hope to get more and more people to give answers to the questions we have been asking, not only in Africa but in all over the world. We hope this could create little bit of a deeper understanding for different cultures, livelihoods and dreams. Not told by any “experts” but by ordinary people who share their thoughts through the framework of this project.

Today we take HUMANS with us on every assignment and collaborate with other storytellers to bring you insights into the lives of people from all over the world. One story at a time.

If you are interested in more information, want to take part in HUMANS, write about HUMANS or have other media inquiries, please mail us